Adult Acting Classes


Main objectives:

  1. Equip the actor with acting technique ready to assist them in the casting room and on set. This is further development of their natural and raw talent.
  2. To stimulate the actor’s imagination practically and theoretically.
  3. Scriptwriting and develop and film the created characters.
  4. To share industry resources

The Course includes:

72 lessons

  • 75 % Praxis and 25 % Theory sessions
  • Includes slate, commercial, dialogue, monologue, character development training
  • 1 video description – explanation of the overview of the 4-month course
  • 1 video self-tape example
  • Acting material (optional usage)
  • +- 100 pages booklet
  • Resources

Age Category:

18- 35 years


  • Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Monday, – Theory
  • Tues, Wednesday, Friday – Practical
  • Time: (based on company schedule)
  • Full 1.5 – 2 hours session

Course Duration:

  • 6 months (2-month production training + 4 months acting)
  • 3 months (filming, postproduction, screening)

Full Course = R16 000.00, paid in 2 installments of R8000.00 or in 8 installments of R2000.00.



Event Schedule




(Course material provided by Wyza Media Academy)

(16 lessons)

4 Weeks





(Course material provided by Wyza Media Academy)

(20 lessons)

4 Weeks




Theory (5 theory sessions)

Write and workshop your own commercial and monologue material

(Advanced worksheet detailing casting room behaviour, different types of monologues, headshots, z cards)

Praxis (15 practical sessions)

Performance Reel

Filming slate, commercial and monologue)

5 Weeks




Theory (5 theory sessions) NFVF, Film Commission, how to approach an agent, The PMA, Guild for Actors, budgeting, getting ready to shoot a film

Praxis (11 practical sessions)

Film Study, Methods of Acting, Meisner, Stanislavski, Method Acting and examples)

4 Weeks



Theory (4 theory sessions)given to praxis

Technical discussion of actor’s props, location, set.  Auditions for different film scripts, create a call out.)

Praxis (14 practical sessions)

Physical Character develop and script workshop completion via method acting

4 Weeks



Theory (4 theory sessions)

(Consultation with facilitator per script)

Praxis (13 practical sessions)

(Rehearsal, dress run for the production to be filmed)

5 Weeks




Filming their production pieces (short films)

Post- Production


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