6.Mathematics (PROGRAMME MODULE)




Online course material to the value of R36 500
Practicals and studio time to the value R5 000

The purpose of this qualification is to provide students with the basic introductory knowledge, cognitive and conceptual tools, and practical techniques applicable to the field of film and television.

Emphasis is placed on the general areas and principles that guide and form the foundation of media practice. Coupled with the principles, techniques, methods, and strategies employed in the organisation, the learner will be able to build fundamental competence in the media field.

This qualification will certify that the student has attained a basic level of knowledge and competence in the media field. This knowledge strengthens the student’s ability to work confidently within the organisational context.

On completion of this programme you should be able to utilise technology to execute instructions accordingly
Understand and analyse contemporary media information and evaluate the potential future outcomes of film and television management decisions.
Gather and manage information appropriately in alignment to business objectives and sustainability of the business.
Evaluate, apply and integrate film and television knowledge and skills and general business principles to real-life situations.


1. The business of TV
2. Communication skills
3. Health and Safety
4. Interpersonal skills
5. Street Law
6. Mathematics(You are HERE)
7. Media
8. Project management
9. Electives


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